Elliott and Kylie after Morning Never Comes at Smartypantz

The Encore is a place where Kylie Burton and Elliott Kuss write and talk about one of their favourite things: escape rooms. The site is host to Edmonton escape room reviews, all of which are based on the subjective opinions of Kylie and Elliott (two humble escape room enthusiasts). The Encore gathers timely reviews and contemporary articles about all things related to escape rooms.



8 thoughts on “About

      1. Although we haven’t heard official news, this is the assumption we are going with. We passed by 104th street recently and they appeared to no longer be in the location.

    1. Hi Thom,

      Thanks for checking in! We have gone on a bit of a hiatus as I (Kylie) was completing an intense practicum term and am the primary writer. We are hoping to get caught up with all of our backlogged reviews over the holidays and then maintain a much more regular schedule!

  1. Hey Elliot and Kylie,
    Really happy to see escape room reviews! Ive been super into escape rooms lately, but Ive left feeling burnt a few times by some rooms. I defiently be entrusting some of my adventures in these reviews now haha.
    I read your review on the 007 room at emporium and everything you had to say Id say could apply to Swamp (tried it last week, wasnt great)
    Anyways I’ll be looking forward to more reviews.
    Ps. Would it be possible to maybe see like a “Elliot/Kylie gives it 4/5 locks” or quick rating in the final summary?

    1. Hi Travis,

      We really appreciate your enthusiasm for escape rooms and our reviews! It’s definitely our goal to help people find rooms that match their interests and send business to the best escape rooms in Edmonton.

      We thought long and hard about including a rating system in our reviews, but decided against it following the advice of New York review site Room Escape Artist.
      There is a really interesting blog on how escape rooms vary and change, making definitive reviewing (rating systems) difficult:

      The Codex: Escape Reviews Vary

      We would love to hear your thoughts on why you’d like to see a rating system!

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